Centorr/Vacuum Industries’ leading position has been achieved through high quality engineering and manufacturing to reinforce experienced product management for the application fields served. Centorr/Vacuum Industries has introduced many furnace solutions over the years.


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Company Background:

Centorr/Vacuum Industries (CVI) has achieved their position of technical leadership in the advanced design high-temperature vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnaces by delivering innovative solutions to challenging high temperature materials processing problems.

Standard vacuum furnaces are available for high temperature sintering, hot pressing for powder compaction or diffusion bonding, vacuum heat treating, precision vacuum brazing, and thermal heat treatment. These designs are augmented by specialized, custom-designed vacuum furnaces for chemical vapor deposition, Graphitization, Graphite Purification, and induction meling. These techniques and processes are used worldwide for a wide range of metal and ceramic materials at various stages during conversion from raw materials to finished product.

Centorr/Vacuum Industries offers the following furnace solutions…

  • Sintering Furnaces
  • Heat Treat Furnaces
  • Annealing Furnaces
  • Brazing Furnaces

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