We offer heating technologies including focused infra-red, induction, high temperature process air and inert gas heaters, microwave and RF Dielectric

Tutco SureHeat

TUTCO Sure Heat_LogoTutco SureHeat industrial air heater solutions exceed the demands and overcome the challenges of today’s process heat applications by providing higher temperatures, better heat transfer and unmatched heater element life.
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EFD Induction

EFD-logoThe roots of EFD Induction go back to the launch in 1950 of a universal induction hardening machine by the German company, Induktionserwärmung Fritz Düsseldorf GmbH (FDF). Today, EFD Induction is Europe’s largest supplier of induction solutions for industry (we’re number two worldwide, but we aim to change that!).
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PSH Manufacturing

PSH-LogoPSH manufactures replacement electric resistance heating elements for many types of heaters and furnaces using Kanthal Alsichrom resistance wire and ribbon. Radiant and infra-red.
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Research/PCS Incorporated

Research_Inc_LogoResearch, Inc. designs, manufactures, and sells heating and associated control systems used in various thermal processing. Research Inc. products are marketed worldwide and many have received the CE mark.  Founded in 1952, the company’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The company was initially established to develop infrared-based heating systems for the aerospace industry. Since then, Research Inc. has grown into a major supplier of heating products and systems used in many different markets including graphic arts and packaging, heat-shrink,  plastic and rubber processing, metal coatings, and material testing.
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Thermex Thermatron

Thermex Thermatron LP

Is your part/material non-metallic? Thermex Thermatron, LP manufactures quality Industrial RF systems, Industrial Microwave systems and RF Heat Sealing Equipment. We also develop custom application solutions for all your Industrial RF and Industrial Microwave heating needs, from concept to commercialization. RF Heat Sealing Equipment, provides the most direct means of heating and joining select plastic materials and assemblies for the automotive, industrial fabrics, packaging, medical, office products and numerous other industries
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