TUTCO SureHeat

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The fastest, most economical way to put heat to work in your process heating application is Sylvania’s Air Heater’s.

We have demonstration equipment available to see and test,  first hand, what is possible using these high temperature air/steam/inert gas heaters.

Research / PCS Incorporated


Need to step up in power/heat input, would focused, non-contact infra-red (similar to the Sun’s energy) help?

Focused spot, line, strip, and area heaters from Research can put the heat precisely where you need it.

Hybrid combination’s, Infra-red and convection heaters, and multi wave lengths may provide the optimum efficiencies for heating your parts/materials.

We have demonstration equipment to use in your plant to see how effective these heaters are.

EFD Induction

EFD-logoThe next step up in power/heat input.

Is your part or material electrically conductive, do you need to heat up “instantly” then EFD Induction is the technology of choice, selective heating, surface or deep penetration,

Precise control, ideal for automation. EFD’s lab is available for process evaluation and material suitability.

Thermex Thermatron

Thermex Thermatron LP

Is your part/material non-metallic? Thermex Thermatron, LP manufactures quality Industrial RF systems, Industrial Microwave systems and RF Heat Sealing Equipment. We also develop custom application solutions for all your Industrial RF and Industrial Microwave heating needs, from concept to commercialization. RF Heat Sealing Equipment, provides the most direct means of heating and joining select plastic materials and assemblies for the automotive, industrial fabrics, packaging, medical, office products and numerous other industries