With over 65 years in operation, Thermex Thermatron has installed more kilowatts of RF and Microwave power for industrial use, than any other company in the world.

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Company Background:

Performance over time has established Thermex Thermatron, LP as the industry leader through:

  • Excellence in new product development.
  • Engineering and manufacturing of the world’s largest Industrial RF heating systems.
  • Engineering and manufacturing of advanced Microwave power supplies and conveyor ovens.
  • Solutions to the most complex application challenges.

Since its founding in 1939, Thermex has literally introduced the benefits of high-frequency heating to a wide spectrum of industrial applications. Our experience, knowledge and willingness to expand the frontiers of process knowledge, have produced benefits considered before to be unimaginable.

RF Ovens and RF Dryers, along with RF Heaters and Microwave Ovens, provide the versatility and speed to heat, dry and cure a vast spectrum of products with demonstrated increases in productivity, lower cost, greatly reduced emissions, as well as higher throughput and yield.

Since Thermatron’s founding in 1946, we have built the largest number of RF welding systems in the world. Thousands of Thermatron machines continue to be used around the world today. Many users refer to RF welders or RF heat sealers as Thermatrons. As proof of their quality, previously owned Thermatron systems retain the highest resale value on the market today.

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