Tutco SureHeat industrial air heater solutions exceed the demands and overcome the challenges of today’s process heat applications by providing higher temperatures, better heat transfer and unmatched heater element life.  Tutco SureHeat products are proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA.  With over 200+ variations of air heaters, our products are used in packaging, plastics, university research, converting, printing, medical, aerospace, and automotive industries worldwide.

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Company Background:

  • Performance & InnovationDid you know that we invented the Serpentine Heater Coil, which increases the efficiency of heat transfer from the coil to the air. As compared to helically wound coils, this allows the element to operate at lower temperature for the same output air temperature. This extends the heater element life. What is more, our patent pending heater and control technology delivers even longer operating life along with superior reliability.Additionally, the heating coils in all of our heaters are supported on a ceramic rod. As compared to unsupported coils, this minimizes the possibility of coil distortion and sagging, which may result in heater failure. This is particularly important in applications where the heater is indexed from position to position in use or when the heater is mounted vertically.Along with temperatures controllable to +/- 1o F at up to 1600o F (871o C) our heaters also provide rapid heat-up and cool-down as well as the broadest pressure operating range in the industry.

  • Quality & Reliability – TutcoSureheat Air Heater design engineers embrace Six Sigma design and manufacturing principles.Our production process is set in a state of the art manufacturing facility and embraces lean manufacturing principles.The end result is a superior quality air heater with a product life rating that set the bar for the industry.

  • FlexibilityChances are, we have an off the shelf solution for you. At TutcoSureheat, however, we also recognize that our customers often have needs that are unique.Whether you have a need for a standard heater, a minor modication to an existing TutcoSureheat air heater or require a custom designed heater and control solution, our experienced Process and Design Engineers will help you arrive at the solution that most effectively and efficiently meets your needs.

  • ServiceOur service begins when you become interested in an industrial process air heater and continues through and beyond its successful start-up in your facility.Our engineers will support you in the selection and design of your air heater and control system. Support continues during system installation and start-up, all to ensure optimum performance in your application. If you have additional needs or questions once your system is operating, all you have to do is call or email us.Finally, our dedicated Customer Service Department can answer all of your questions regarding product availability, pricing, packaging and shipping.

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